We are looking to expand our board of international male models. With our boys signed to high end agencies in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Milan, New York, Miami & Los Angeles and doing well, we want more! Walking in fashion weeks for amazing designers, shooting for iconic fashion labels and top editorial magazines.

Care to join the ranks??? Then read on………


Boys 16/17yrs old – at least 180cm
Boys 18+ yrs old   – at least 182cm

In facial structure, we are looking for two types of boys:

We want editorial looking boys with features so unique and chiselled we could cut diamonds with their cheekbones.

Or boys who are so ridiculously good looking they make magazines melt off the shelf.

What BOTH types of boys need to have regardless:

You need to be lean, lean, lean!! Cut, fit and lean. Great skin and a charming personality (no….it really isn’t enough to just be ridiculously good looking). You HAVE to be able to hold your own when attending clients and castings and meeting with agents. Think confident not arrogant.

What’s expected of you:

A willingness to work hard, be prepared to cut the apron strings and travel at some point, savvy enough to navigate unfamiliar places and foreign cities, tough enough to take rejection on the chin if/when it happens, but humble enough to deal with fame and fortune if/when it happens. Be patient during the development process, but be prepared for anything to happen for you out of the blue. An ability to operate on an even keel through it all.

Soooo…….you’ve been checking the above boxes and want to know how to BE HUNTED:

It’s easy….:

Have someone take a clear, simple digital headshot of you in daylight against a plain wall.

Please no shameless, shirtless selfies in the bathroom mirror, no web cam photos in the dark at 1am, it’s obvious….we can’t see you! No old photos ripped from any of your social media sites, trust us, we can tell!!

Email it to us at with the heading MODEL MAN HUNT along with:

Your first and last name
Your height
Your age (if you are under 18, please have a parent/guardian’s permission)
Your city & state
Your contact number


Submissions will close on 31st May, 2014.

Incomplete submissions will not be considered
Instagram: huntermodelmanagement
Twitter: @huntermodels
Facebook: HunterModelManagement

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