For those of us lucky enough to have visited or lived in Milan, there are a few trigger words that sum it up, and before you know it you are transported back there with a rush of all the memories of wonderful Italian experiences. Coffee, food, fashion & the Duomo. It is a city heaving with beautiful and very cool models every season, who if they aren’t booked on a job that day spend it on the metro running from casting to casting.

One such of these ethereal creatures is Shelby Beale, a tall, willowy and striking brunette who grew up on the Sunshine Coast in QLD. With her long dark hair, piercing blue eyes, full lips and lean physique, Milan was a sure bet for her. After attending a scouting event with her mum, the then schoolgirl was signed and put into development. A keen favourite for both runway and photographic clients, she did well in her 18months of development, was signed in Milan and flown out to Italy a month later.

In her first Milanese shoot for designer Sandra Shukstule, Shelby could easily be mistaken for a local. Looking effortlessly chic in this beautiful series of shots by Anton Bjorkman, we are certainly looking forward to her complete Italian tale and all the excitement it will bring as well as launching her into the stratosphere as a successful international model.


Hunter Model Management/Mother Agency
2morrow Model/Milan


Photographer: Anton Bjorkman
Designer: Sandra Shukstule
Instagram: huntermodelmanagement
Facebook: HunterModelManagement
Twitter: @huntermodels



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