About eighteen months ago, I was scouting in the beautiful Byron Bay area in QLD, Australia. In the blazing heat of summer, somewhere close to two hundred hopefuls, a majority with a parent or two in tow, turned up. So many blonde, bronzed aussies from the once sleepy beach town in one space.

Amongst them, a tall, pale, slip of a girl named Bridie, with a head full of wild dark curls waited patiently. The very opposite of what you might expect to find in a town like this known for it’s “beach babes.” She gracefully and quietly took her seat across from me when it was her turn. As she raised her head, beneath these wild curls were the most piercing ice blue eyes you have ever seen topped with a perfect browline and beautiful facial symmetry. She gave me goosebumps, I knew I was signing her then and there. The goosebumps always mean something.

After it was all said and done, I sent her an email requesting that she meet with me. And the rest, as they say, was history, she was signed, put into development and started testing. She was signed to her first modelling agency immediately and the girl blossomed like the proverbial swan. Shooting editorial for both Australian and New York publications, as well as booking runway. More recently being signed in Milan and heading out to Italy within the month. Exciting times for this girl from Byron Bay.

Her first shoot with Italian photographer Luca Meneghel for designer Veronica Gelmetti blew us away. He captured her editorial edge perfectly. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this divine girl, she has that ‘x’ factor that all wish for, but very few are lucky enough to possess. An ethereal, indefineable quality that is only inherent in girls like this. They are rare and don’t come around often.


Hunter Model Management/Mother Agency
2morrow Model/Milan


Photographer: Luca Meneghel
Designer: Veronica Gelmetti
Hair & Makeup: Sabine Gutwenger
Instagram: huntermodelmanagement
Facebook: HunterModelManagement
Twitter: @huntermodels